Saturday, July 03, 2010

Anime Expo 2010: Half-way Done, All-the-way Fun

It's Saturday morning, and I'm getting ready for another full day of excitement at Anime Expo 2010. Up to this point, I've been to the Opening Ceremonies (my first time actually), J-rock Sophia's Panel, Bandai Industry Panel (another first for me), Kisaragi (a theatrical play with lead vocalist Mitusuru Matsuoka of Sophia) and the evening Laser Spectacular show as well as
going in and out of various screening rooms and just wandering the halls gaping at all the varied cosplayers. My favorite game? "Name That Anime" It was tough at first, but after a while, I was back in the groove again. 

What's next? The Sophia concert with Beni as the opening act, and of course, the masquerade!

I'll be missing the AMV rescreening and awards show, but I've already heard from others that there were some great videos shown this year.

Be sure to stay posted for photos and videos galore as I recap the whole expo in juicy detail!



gleeker13 said...

Will you be posting more pictures from Kisaragi? I would love to see them :) It was a great play and pictures will refresh my memory.

experiencela said...

Hi gleeker13,
Check out my Anime Expo 2010 flickr set. There are only a few images from Kisaragi because I spent most of the time laughing and enjoying the show! It exceeded all expectations!

Thanks again!