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Comic-Con Weekend 2010

"Do or Do Not..." mug,
new Star Wars Hallmark line.
While it's a little out of scope, it was only a short road trip to find our way to Comic-Con in San Diego this past weekend.  Here's the low-down on my adventure to the land of "popular arts" (if it makes any of the nerds feel better about my attendance, I did buy comic books and a graphic novel at the Darkhorse Comics booth).

The Klingons took over the
transit signs!

My friend Melissa and I headed out on Saturday morning and arrived to the convention before mid-day (taking advantage of the San Diego MTS which was taken over by Klingons when we got there!).  We tried to get into the Community panel, but there was a line out the door...and *out* the door (Tip:  If you want to get into anything you should just plan on getting there two hours ahead.).  But we did get into the Mythbusters panel later that day and that was a blast.  The preview clips of next season featured lots of explosions (naturally), creepy crawlers (they were testing whether or not fear gave you "cold feet") and a clip of them using a "batman" suit to go against the wind created by a jet engine.  I'm sure Mythbusters will be at more Comic-Con events in the future, they also announced they were going to be renewed for another seven years.

Felicia Day,
Dollhouse Epitaphs signing
I was also lucky enough to meet Joss Whedon at the Darkhorse Comics signing of Dollhouse Epitaphs (which will be released with the Season 2 DVD release of Dollhouse).  I wish I can tell you that I said something enlightening or was able to gather some great inside scoop for you, but I really couldn't say anything coherent.  The account is on my personal blog for anyone interested.

The Exhibition Hall was a mad house as per usual, but it had fun sights.  As we walked around we were able to catch LL Cool J signing autographs at the CBS booth, the actors of Thor, the cast of Chuck, and Felicia Day of The Guild

We tried to get into the Castle panel, but our hotel was too far and it was far too early (at 10:30am!) to get to the panel in time to get in line and get in.  But it was perfect timing for a long winding line to get into the GLEE panel (they were prepared for this!).  Long lines aren't bad at Comic-Con really because it's the best time to sit and chat with friends, read the comic books/graphic novels you bought at the Exhibition Hall, and make new friends with people in line.  That's exactly how we waited out our line to get in - and we even managed to get into the American Dad panel beforehand.

Glee Panel
The American Dad panel featured the cast including Seth McFarlane and a preview of next season's holiday episode.  Let's just say that it wasn't quite family friendly, but very amusing for its target audience.

Following the panel was Glee and a room full of Gleeks (who might be interested in our current Madame Tussauds giveaway with Jane Lynch/Sue Sylvester figure).  Cast attending the event included Chris Colfer, Kevin McHale, Amber Riley, Jenna Ushkowitz, Naya Rivera, Heather Morris, and executive producer Ryan Murphy.  After a fun recap of Season 1, the spoilers came out for Season 2: Artie and Tina break up and she falls for Mike (say it isn't so!); the upcoming Britney Spears episode will be fun and "hallucinogenic"; secondary characters' stories will be featured; we'll be visiting Mercedes and her family at church.

While I was excited to hear all the interesting things for next season (I'm a Gleek after all), my favorite quote of the panel was Ryan Murphy who summed up the show with: "[Glee is a] show about why the arts matter."

Check out all my photos from the weekend:

Until next year!

-Charity Tran

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