Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cirque du Soleil takes over Kodak Theatre

Cirque du Soleil celebrated its 27th anniversary this past Thursday at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. Scores of journalists were invited to a sneak peak of Cirque's most recent creation, IRIS, A Journey Through The World Of Cinema. The ExperienceLA team was present to capture all the excitement and see why IRIS could be the next major attraction in Los Angeles.

The show, which opens September 25th and previews starting July 21st, is expected to bring in waves of spectators from around the world as it begins its residency at the iconic Kodak Theatre. During the press conference Cirque's president and CEO Daniel Lamarre reminisced about the first time his company performed at the Kodak and unexpectedly received a standing ovation during the Academy Awards ceremony.

Within the preview was a truly spectacular aerial performance. Twin dancers left the audience in awe as they soared over us, holding only each others arms while spinning in midair. While such acrobatics are expected of Cirque du Soleil, IRIS tells a new story of the history of cinema staged appropriately in the heart of America's film industry.

Another funtastic scene was that of an airborne fight between policemen and gangsters. Danny Elfman's score added to its 1920's feel with growling trumpets and mambo percussion. The set was designed to look like the tops of buildings in what could be historic downtown Los Angeles, hiding the trampolines used to catapult the performers high in the air.

Leaving us with a nostalgia for 1920's decadence and a craving for more, IRIS is sure to be a hit among diverse audiences when it hits early this fall.

Written by Marlon Fuentes for ExperienceLA

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