Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"In The Heights" Story Contest Winners

Last week, we asked you to tell your "Heights" story to win tickets to "In The Heights" at the Pantages Theatre. Thanks to everyone who sent in their entries and congratulations to the winners: Grace Lee and Neta-lee Noy for their insightful stories on their L.A. communities. Below are their entries:

Home Away from Home by Grace Lee

Two words: melting pot. I was born in South Korea and grew up in the suburbs of Orange County; so while I knew Los Angeles was a melting pot of cultures, I never did fully get to experience it first-hand until I actually moved smack dab in the middle of the city.

Living in Koreatown has allowed me to experience the coexistance of cultures like never before. And the best manifestation of this coexistence is the food! I truly believe LA has some of the best food in the world. And the food that can be found in Koreatown reinforces my theory. You can find food from different provinces of Korea and from different social statuses. The styles and the services are directly mirrored from the streets of Korea itself. From the table setting of the royal cuisine to the humbling peasant dishes that are still so rich in flavor. The drinks accompanied by the cuisine, whether alcoholic or not, resembles the flavors of various ingredients found in this asian country.

Having lived in Korea first hand, Koreatown is truly home away from home.

The "Flavors" of Los Angeles' Pico-Robertson Community by Neta-lee Noy

Thanks again to everyone who entered and we hope our winners enjoy the show!

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