Thursday, June 24, 2010

Are you ready for Anime Expo 2010?

Each year, Anime Expo brings not just anime and manga, but musical performances, crazy (and I mean crazy-good!) cosplay costumes, and so many fantastic opportunities to enrich our knowledge of Japanese pop culture. This year proves to be another great Fourth of July weekend at the Los Angeles Convention Center with Guests of Honor including:
  • Japanese Musical Artist MELL
  • Japanese Musical Group AKB48
  • Voice Actor Kyle Hebert
  • Animation Director Toshihiro Kawamoto
  • Seiyuu Yuu Asakawa
  • J-rock Band SOPHIA
  • Anime Director Shinichi "Nabeshin" Watanabe

So, what are you going to do at AX 2010?
I'm quite excited to see SOPHIA in concert at the Nokia Theater. Having them as well as AKB48, Mell, May'n and many other musicians performing at the Anime Expo just goes to show the true reach of anime in Japanese pop culture.

Another unique extension of the anime fan, otaku and convention culture would be the AMV (Anime Music Video) Contest. Watch clips of anime in sync with cool music (and the variety of music ranges from classical, to Top 40 to Jpop and beyond!) is a great way to get introduced to new anime.

There are plenty more things to do - Gaming, Karaoke, Auctions, Trivia, Dances, Art shows and Shopping! Shopping! Shopping! Having all my options in one place is a great way to find exactly what I want and get some pretty good deals!

Plan to check out the Cosplay Masquerade? It's always a popular event, but don't worry if you miss it - you'll be sure to see all kinds of cute, pretty unique and elaborate costumes as you walk around. Or dress up as your favorite character and join fun. Even better, enter your cosplay costume in our ExperienceLA Cosplay Contest for a chance to win 4-day passes to Anime Expo.

If you're still lost on what to do or maybe you're just waiting for your next event - don't forget to drop into one of the many live screening rooms and watch some anime! (I usually print out the screening schedule and highlight anime titles I haven't heard of so that I can preview the shows before I buy them!)

Check out their (always cute and exciting) video on YouTube:

For more information about Anime Expo and to register, please visit

(Photo Credit: Anime Expo [2009] Exhibition Hall by intellichick)

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