Tuesday, March 31, 2009

AskMen.com - LA in the Top 29 Best Cities to Live In

AskMen.com just completed their recent survey of "Best Cities to Live In" and LA made the list! (Come on, of course we did!). Where they ranked LA, after the jump!

AskMen.com Ranking: #19 Los Angeles. Check out that AskMen.com survey meter - LA's red hot in almost every category: Sports & Entertainment, Culture, Fashion, Health, Power & Money, Dating & Sex, and The Good Life.

And while this inaugural survey is from the largest online men's magazine, it's probably safe to say a lot of women wouldn't disagree with having LA on the list.

LA shares this top list with some other great cities: Chicago, Barcelona, San Francisco, New York, London, Paris, etc. See all of the rankings on AskMen.com!

-Charity Tran

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