Monday, March 23, 2009

L.A. Storytellers: My Journey, My Rights

LA is no stranger to those who have migrated here and now call LA home. In the course of the journey to LA, it's more than likely that some Angelenos have witnessed defining issues of human rights. Are you one of these people? Has your journey to LA shaped how you see human rights - and youself?

L.A. Storytellers is asking those who have lived in another city or country and are now in Los Angeles to tell their tale. Do you have something to say? More information after the jump.

L.A. Storytellers is a unique gathering and sharing opportunity for Angelenos to exchange life stories, vivid memories, oral histories, and engaging experiences, uncovering voices that represent a constantly changing city.

As part of the International Day of Sharing Life Stories, L.A. Storytellers invites you to tell us your life stories and experiences around the theme: Journeys Toward Justice: Capturing the Stories of Human Rights in the Context of Migration.

Human Rights/Immigrant Rights life stories will be accepted in all languages (we ask that you provide English translation) in one of the following formats: text/words, photo essay, audio, or video.

Extended deadline is April 5, 2009. Download the PDF here for more information.

This is part of the Active Arts at the Music Center series. Staff

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