Friday, March 06, 2009

Commentary: Good Ads in Metro Stations

Hollywood Presbyterian Medical CenterAs a regular user of the Metro Red Line, there are visual aspects of each station that I remember - the rotating visual public art pieces, the unique permanent fixtures of design...and the ads.

Unlike the cornucopia of ads seen in the bus interior, the wrapped bus exterior (just saw this cool Watchmen one today), and the slow roll-out of non-Metro ads within the subway cars themselves, the 7th/Metro station stood for awhile unblemished by faces of commercialism.

The first ads in the station I remember were from a fast food joint (I'd rather not point direct fingers of negativity) that bombarded me to such a degree by their product that I vowed not to eat it.

But lately I've found myself in great approval of the last two ad campaigns I've seen roll through - specifically, the Loyola Law School campaign and the current Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center campaign (pictured). I enjoyed these campaigns partly because they did a great job in branding and providing information. But what attracts me the most about them is the sense of place conveyed, which is so integral in a large area like Los Angeles.

Loyola Law School specifically discussed in their ads just how close they were from the 7th/Metro station. Similarly, as seen in the pictured example, the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center does this as well. My favorite part of the medical center's campaign is the image pictured. It clearly defines where they are to the station, utilizing the familiar mapping system of the subway. Metro riders getting on and off at the 7th/Metro station are given a clear message: "Not only are we great, we're right near you and you can take this mode of transit to get there!"

I hope this type of marketing continues in the future. Who knows what else new I'll learn is so accessible to me by going Metro.

-Charity Tran, ExperienceLA Web Coordinator

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