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Knockout at Nokia Theatre Recap: Peter v Chambers

Fast Eddie Chambers jab connects as Samuel Peter grimaces - Photo by Marco Perez for ESPN.comDaood gives you the inside scoop on Knockout: Peter vs. Chambers at the Nokia Theatre last Friday (March 27, 2009). Check out Daood's interview with Eddie Chambers before the match!

Samuel Peter weighed 265 pounds Thursday, March 26, 2009 at the weigh in; over ten pounds more than in his last fight in October in Berlin against Vitali Klitschko in which he lost his title belt. Eddie Chambers, on the other hand, weighed in on Thursday at 223 pounds.

Stakes were high as a victory for Peter or Chambers would position either for a title shot. The arena wasn't quite to capacity but the fans were quite excited as Samuel Peter walked into the ring looking confident, wearing blue trunks and white gloves with a blue trim; Eddie Chambers followed, walking into the ring and entering in wearing red and black trunks and black gloves with red trim. There definitely was electricity about the arena as we waited for the long time ring announcer Jimmy Lennon Jr. to announce the fighters.

The first bell wrung as Eddie Chambers began giving a lot of movement with Samuel Peter coming forward throwing his jab. At 265 pounds Samuel Peter was very quick and agile; midway into the round Eddie Chambers was staring to catch Samuel Peter with Lefts and rights. Samuel Peter was trying to keep Eddie Chambers on the ropes but Eddie was giving a lot of movement and landing his jab consistently as the crowd began chanting "Eddie, Eddie" as the round came to an end. I gave the round to Eddie but it was very close as both guys were landing punches.

Round 2 began with Samuel Peter throwing good strong jabs that were landing. Eddie Chambers was fainting before throwing his jab which was causing Samuel Peter to stop throwing punches. Eddie was now going to the body and to the head but now Samuel Peter was going to the body and head as well. Eddie Chambers then threw a combination and Samuel Peter's eyes became red from the constant jabs landing on his face. Peter was becoming more aggressive and throwing more power punches. Eddie was giving better upper body and head movement to avoid punches as round two ended.

Round 3 began and it became apparent who was starting to take control of the fight as Samuel Peters eyes were becoming blood shot red. Samuel Peter had Chambers on the rope for a moment which brought a roar from the crowd and Peter landed punches but Eddie moved to the middle of the ring and began throwing beautiful jabs to the body and head as sweat from Peter's head flew right out of the ring. Chambers was doubling and tripling up on his jab with incredible hand speed; living up to his nickname "Fast Eddie Chambers" as I gave him the third round.

Round 4 saw Samuel Peter starting to slow down in movement as Eddie Chambers was picking his shots with great precision. Chambers even was bold enough to catch punches from Samuel Peter and shock his head and grin that he wasn't being hurt by Peter's punches. Samuel Peter continued to come forward but Chambers was starting to counter over the stop of Peter's left jab that was coming at slow motion. Chambers was throwing more combinations to the body and to the head and grinning in the fight and Eddie Chambers threw a wicked combination that sent chills into the audience as he connected to Samuel Peter. I gave Eddie Chambers Round 4 as well.

Peter was starting to swell up around the eyes as Round 5 began. Jab, jab repeatedly came from Fast Eddie Chambers; jabbing to the body to the head; Peter was game as he continued to throw punches to the body and head as well but Chambers was catching Peter more frequently. Chambers was becoming so confident that he's standing directly in front of Samuel Peter and making him miss. Momentarily Peter had Chambers on the ropes which caused a great sigh from the audience. He was landing punches but they didn't seem to hurt Eddie Chambers. Peter wasn't giving up as he continue throwing punches as I called the Round 5 even.

The sixth round began with both men quickly getting up from their stools. They both were moving slower then the first three rounds but Eddie Chambers is very deceptive as he threw fast combinations that landed. Peter started to give no head movement at all (in my interview with Eddie Chambers [before the fight], he explained that this was usually how Peter fights). Peter continued to press forward but now they were circling around in the ring throwing good exchanges as the crowd cheered. Chambers was throwing straight combination punches to Samuel Peter's head and landing the greater of number of punches as I gave the Round 6 to Chambers.

Round 7 began with Chambers getting up first. Chambers began throwing punches but now Peter was moving his head in this round making Chambers miss. Chambers was throwing his jab with less frequency but still landing. Peter was throwing punches but now the crowd was cheering for Eddie again. Round 7 I gave to Eddie Chambers but Peter was landing good clean punches.

In Round 8, Chambers once again was up first off his stool. Both fighters exchanged jabs and Peter was attempting to give head movement but Chambers was catching him with the jab. Peter landed another right hand and was giving more head movement in this round then all of the previous rounds as they actually clutched for the first time for the fight. Eddie Chambers was circling and still throwing good combinations and landing and the last combination definitely got not only Samuel Peter's attention but the crowd as well as they oohed and awed. I gave the eighth round to Chambers but I could see how some one could have scored it even.

Round 9 saw both men off their stools and eager to get it on. Peter was throwing jabs and Eddie was being "Fast Eddie" with his combinations but Peter was landing his right hand. Eddie was talking to Samuel Peter but there was now a slight swelling on the right side of Chambers' face from the right hand landing. Through out the fight Eddie Chambers was going backwards and circling Samuel Peter, but now Samuel Peter was going backwards as Fast Eddie was throwing combinations but Peter was landing quality punches as well as the fight was definitely heating up with punches being thrown with bad intentions. Chambers was still doubling up on his jab but now he and Samuel Peter were throwing serious bombs at each other as I called the ninth round even.

In the tenth and final round with Chambers off the stool first, the exchange is back and forth as both men are not easing off in the exchange of throwing artillery. Peter is game using good head movement. Fast Eddie was throwing that jab with speed and brutality, but Peter is also throwing in return with equal fire. Samuel Peter walked into a right hand that would have knocked down a Sequoia tree as the crowd was chanting "Eddie, Eddie" and there was only twenty seconds left in the fight with both men throwing punches as people stood up anticipating possible a knock out but neither man went down as the round came to an end.

You could hear some reporters saying the fight was even. I had the fight for Eddie Chambers. As Jimmy Lennon Jr. announced the winner "Fast Eddie Chambers" the crowd ushered in with an ocean wave of approval. It was a good fight and Samuel Peter put up a very good fight but the victory deservingly went to Fast Eddie Chambers. I spoke with Eddie Chambers and this is what he had to say about his fight at the Nokia Theatre against Samuel Peter.

-Daood, ExperienceLA Contributor

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