Monday, April 20, 2009

Indie.Arie at Club Nokia Review

A Blue Nile ambience illuminated from the stage out into the arena while another lighting system from the balcony streams interchangeable passionate colors as we awaited for Indie.Arie. With the flick of a bic lighter down went the lights as one of the background singers stood behind a mike draped in a tangerine floor length scarf and out came the roar from the capacity filled crowd. After the band members one-by-one took to their instruments along with another female background vocalist, Indie.Arie then gracefully walked up to her mic wearing a tank pullover brown dress with an amber graphic design with the crowd hysterical. She sat down at the piano and led the audience in a song prayer "This Too Shall Pass", a medley of verses included from Sly and the Family Stone, "...Things are going to get better..." to The Winans with Anita Baker, "...It’ll be all over in the morning..."

Gone was the short afro replaced with a classic short auburn colored haircut. A pair of Christian Louboutin stilettos hardly complimented an image of a woman whose essential nature bosomed humility of the disciples for a supreme being but they did resemble Stuart Weitzman 'Swayed' pump; everything worn, with the exception of her silver giant hoop earrings, was created by her mother. A sparkling burnt orange knitted shawl wrapped around her as she has donned her acoustic guitar for a Stratocaster.

Songs of inspiration, despair, and love from each album for her fans was an invitation to sing along. Whether "Brown Skin" from her Acoustic Soul CD, Testimony Vol. 1 Life & Relationship, "I Am Not My Hair", or "God Is Real", from Voyage to India, the crowd knew them all! Testimony: Vol. II her latest project unveils her political, social conscious side with compositions, "Ghetto" and "Better Way," as the point of objective of her latest cd " to celebrate and talk about and think about the oneness of all things, the interconnections of all things and all people..."

If the offering of an olive branch symbolizes longevity and happiness, then Indie.Arie's music cultivates a serene awakening and tranquility, taking the path of the past into the future.


[Photo credit: Diop]

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