Monday, April 27, 2009

Stagecoach: It's Not Just for Country Fans

I'll put it this way: My husband treats me right, my dog - well, my cat - is not my only friend, and my Volvo station wagon runs great, but it looks almost as out of place parked with all the trucks and SUV's as I feel--make that felt for the first few minutes--at the Stagecoach Country Music Festival this weekend.

So what was I doing there, and why do I want to go back next year?
First, and most obviously, there's the music. If you don't consider yourself a country music fan, but you don't exactly hate it--you should check this out. The over-35 Rock crowd was singing along with me on Pure Prairie League's "Amy" (..Fallin' in and out of love...)and would be just as excited about Poco with guest appearances by absolute legends (no doubt there will be other blog posts from the weekend with more details on the amazing bands.) I fell in love with The Knitters, (punk fans will remember X) and a favorite musical moment was a little Jimi Hendrix riff in one of Brad Paisley's songs. (I am, truly experienced!) The bluegrass, the crossover hits, the really talented new bands were all a treat to the ear--even if I couldn't always sing along. And the energy at the "Mane" stage with all the headliners was nearly nuclear. The Stagecoach festival rocks--without the rock!

I learned that cowboy boots and cowboy hats go with everything. Bathing suits, sun dresses, beer guts in t-shirts and jeans, Celtic tatoos, footed PJs on the under 5 set. They're not just for Daisy Dukes any more--but there were plenty of Daisy Dukes. I was thinking I was a fish out of water in my sun hat and long sleeves, but there were plenty others like me. Everyone was comfortable in "whatever." Perhaps that was because they were all having such a great time. And that is not the alcohol talking although they had a wide variety of wine, mixed drinks, and some pretty respectable beers. If you don't mind Budweiser, you're in luck, but if you do mind it, you're still in luck! Fat Tire was available along with a couple of other craft beers. My beverage of choice was the Stagecoach souvenir bottle that could be re-filled free with cold filtered water from H20 booths. This was a great program that cut down on all those plastic bottles--but even that was interesting because if you turned in 10 empties you got a new full one free. A concert with a conscience. There were lots of booths sponsored by Global Inheritance who returned this year. Take a look at this non-profit and all they do at
Another great deal was the BBQ contest--a festival for your mouth. (Again, I'm sure there will be other posts with more on that for all the foodies.) Five tastes for ten bucks. That filled me up, and each taste was different from the last. The adventure didn't stop there! For the first time, I tried funnel cake. I know--most people have that by their first or second school carnival. But somehow I never did. So now I am really and truly experienced! If you like great music, great food and drink, and an amazing experience, this is the place. It's fun for everyone!

Photo of The Knitters (John Doe and Exene) by karenfromthelbc. Watch the ExperienceLA blog for Stagecoach pictures from Curt Gibbs and additional commentary.

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Anonymous said...

Pure Prairie League was outstanding !

I saw several acts at Stagecoach and PPL was certainly as good, if not better , than any of the top billed performers who played the main stage.While many of today's big names were enjoyable, PPL played a set which had the crowd under the tent rolling from start to finish.Superb musicianship and a set of songs that was extremely effective, covering many famiar tunes as well as several new ones, which, by the way, are nothing short of magnificent country rock.

If you want country rock at it's best, or something different than the robotic sounds of today's country music scene,than PPL is what you want.

Kevin Spencer