Wednesday, February 01, 2012

"No Good Deed" packs a punch, graphic-novel style

Photo by Anthony Masters Photography, courtesy of [Inside] the Ford

In the 1980s, singer Bonnie Tyler longed for a hero in her song, "I Need A Hero." In 2012, playwright Matt Pelfrey examines the consequences of becoming a modern-day hero in the play, "No Good Deed." Told in the style of a graphic novel, the play follows the story of a high-schooler, Josh Jaxson, who rises as a hero and falls as a tragic story on the local news.

Appropriately, the play is silly and over-exaggerated as some graphic novels, as well as mainstream media (which has practically become a form of entertainment itself) can be. Unlike mainstream news, however, "No Good Deed" is clever, and provides substance to its story.

Along with two other supposed heroes, who themselves had become demonized by the press, our hero learns about the price he and his family must pay for his good deed. All at the expense of the media and a consuming audience. Luckily, our hero is given the opportunity to undo his good deed and unsave a helpless victim in order to return his life to some kind of normalcy. But will he?

Fans of graphic novels and films based on graphic novels might appreciate the visuals and artwork which accompany and support the play. The set design and lighting are excellent in providing the dark atmosphere. Given the constraints and limitations of live theatre, the director, cast and crew of "No Good Deed" impressively deliver on its graphic-novel-come-to-life promise, complete with superheroes, blood and epic-ly choreographed fight scenes. If there was ever a theatre award for best character entrance, the superheroes' entrance just before they battle a gang of drug dealers in the second act would - hands down - be the winner!

Tickets for "No Good Deed" are on sale for $12-$25. Want to see the show for free? Enter our giveaway for a chance to win one pair of tickets to the performance on February 11 at 8PM (deadline to enter is Monday, February 6). The show is currently running now through February 26 at [Inside] the Ford. For more information, visit or

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