Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Today is ArtsDay!

Arts Day 2013 in City of LA Council Chambers. Photo by Terence McFarland
At we celebrate the arts every day.  We love our many partners and their wonderful  events and destinations.  We're glad to be a place that can connect visitors and residents alike with the diverse offerings of Los Angeles' arts and culture scene.  But there is something spiffy about official days to make sure we express our appreciation and advocacy.  We are very glad to say that today is one of those days!  Hello ArtsDay 2013!

As part of Arts Day 2013, several hundred arts advocates from around the city converged at City Hall this morning to the thank the LA City Councilmembers and Mayor Villaraigosa for their support of arts and culture.  A number of them donned "Creative Capital" shirts designed by Andrew Colunga in a Arts Day T-shirt Design Competition.  For those who missed out on that adventure (including this blogger!), we're spreading the word on how else you can join in the campaign for arts advocacy!

  • Show Your Advocacy: Download the ArtsDay Advocate badge and use it for your social media profile.  
  • Express Your Advocacy: Send a letter to your Councilmember and express why arts and culture are so important to you and to Los Angeles.  Arts for LA has set up this amazingly easy template and form for you to do so
  • Share Your #ArtsLA Experience: Every day you can tag your discussion on arts & culture in LA County with the #ArtsLA hashtag.  Use it, so that we can all know that you love it and join in the conversation with you.
We recommend following our friends at Arts for LA.  Through them you can find out the latest in arts advocacy news and campaigns.  You can: like them on Facebook; follow them on Twitter, and follow them on Pinterest!  

-Charity Tran, ExperienceLA Editor 

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