Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Photos: Music at the Bootleg Bar

Last weekend my friends and I headed out to the Bootleg Bar for an evening of great music.  Bootleg is housed in a 1930's warehouse space and also offers theatre, dance, and film events - so it is very likely that I will be there more often!  I'm a long time fan of both the band Rooney and its lead singer Robert Schwartzman, who released his solo album Double Capricorn last year.  Schwartzman was headlining the evening with opening acts Patrick Park and Jamestown Revival.  David Pack (of Ambrosia) also stopped by to play a few songs with Schwartzman and his band including Ambrosia hit "The Biggest Part of Me".

-Photos & Text by Charity Tran

Photos at Bootleg Bar
Photo Booth at Bootleg Bar

Patrick Park
Patrick Park 

Patio View
Outside Patio View 

Jamestown Revival
Jamestown Revival 

Robert Schwartzman
Robert Schwartzman

Comedian on Stage
During a set issue, Schwartzman asked a friend to
perform some impromptu stand-up comedy.

David Pack
David Pack on piano for "The Biggest Part of Me"

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