Thursday, August 09, 2012

Adventures at Comic-Con: Part 2 - Unlikely Advenures

The beauty of spending extra days at Comic-Con this year was being able to feel free to spend time on unexpected adventures. I did not know at the start of my trip that I would be:
  • figure drawing at bar;
  • cosplaying, and  
  • learning about Mass Effect and its voice actor fan base
While much of the focus of San Diego Comic-Con is on the events and panels in the San Diego Convention Center there are many events and activities going on outside the Convention Center's walls. 

Figure Drawing at Proper/Wine Steals
One such event was Trickster, an alternate venue for indie artists, housed this year at Proper/Wine Steals. I found myself there for an evening of figure drawing at a bar.  Most of time when you're out for a night on the town - especially in San Diego's Gaslamp District - you're probably not drawing or sketching.  But this was Comic-Con weekend and artists of all types were out and about.  So it was great just doodling away with all these talented artists while still enjoying the perks of a bar experience.  The models were compelling - often dressed in elaborate costumes and some interesting poses - giving much to contemplate on.

I spent some time as Wonder Woman and
got to meet Muppets!
The next day I thought I'd partake in a convention activity that I never participated in before - cosplaying.  My Halloween costume last year was Wonder Woman and I brought the costume with me on a whim.  In my years as a convention attendee, I had never cosplayed before (last year I wore a pink wig), but seeing everyone else in the spirit of things, I thought - why not?  Here I am with some of my favorite Muppets...I fit right in!  

Left to Right: "Mass Effect" Voice Actors
Raphael Sbarge, Kimberly D. Moore, and Courtenay Taylor
As Wonder Woman I headed out to the Mass Effect voice actor panel, across the street from the Convention Center.  There I met Raphael Sbarge, Kimberly D. Moore, and Courtenay Taylor - voice actors for Mass Effect who had a long line of fans that went out the door and wrapped around the building and down the street.  I'm not a gamer, but I don't think you need to be to understand how popular these actors are and what they mean to fans of the game.  Each of these actors took the time to take pictures with fans, sign autographs, and I think every single person that went through that line left with a grin on their face.  Sbarge also plays Archie/Jiminy on ABC's Once Upon A Time.  I overheard a number of fans state that they loved the show, but that they only started watching the show because of him!

One of the best things about conventions like Comic-Con is that it provides fans the opportunities to meet their favorite actors, writers, and artists.  But it also gives people the ability to learn new things and have new experiences - and I was glad to have not only my own new adventures, but see fans having moments that I know they'll remember forever.

Stay tuned!  My third - and last - recap of Comic-Con 2012 will feature my favorite TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  
-Charity Tran

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