Friday, May 04, 2012

Happy Star Wars Day & Free Comic Book Day Eve

May the Fourth Be With You.

The universe (or maybe some PR people) has decided that the next few days should be a concentrated amount of nerd celebrations.  Today is Star Wars Day (known also this year as Avengers U.S. Release Day) and tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day.  What's not to love?

So after you've dragged yourself awake from that midnight showing of Avengers, we encourage today's Los Angeles experience to be filled with (safe) light saber duels, Star Wars movie marathons and references, and dressing up for the day.  I advocated for a Star Wars-themed day in our offices and learned that, apparently, I'm the only one who owns a commemorative Stormtrooper track jacket from Star Wars Celebration IV.  And here I thought everyone had one...who knew?

On Star Wars Day, we also encourage you to take a break and plan your Free Comic Book day.  Don't let the name of the day deceive you, it's not just about free comic books.  There will be plenty of special events, discounts, and even appearances/signings by your favorite writers and artists.  Check out their nifty FCBD 2012 Store Locator for locations near you.  It also indicates stores with kid-friendly material and events, so you can make a family day out of it! 

May the force be with you (and free comic books too).

-Charity Tran

Photo:  “Dear Future Husband - We're getting this instead of a stroller." by intellichick

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