Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Coals: Street Pianos & Pop-Up Show (Video)

IMG_3260Have you noticed the decorated street pianos throughout Los Angeles?  These thirty pianos are available for outside play as part of a project entitled "Play Me, I'm Yours", brought to you by the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra.

Bluegress band The Coals took over the pianos at CalPlaza and Wells Fargo Center for a little midday pop-up concert on Wednesday, May 2nd. 
Their performances featured three songs "Red River Blues" (Jason Mandell), "Carmelita" (Warren Zevon), and "Lord, Lord, Lord" (Jason Mandell).  It was a perfect treat of arts and culture for a lunch in Downtown Los Angeles. 

The video in this post captures their performance of "Lord, Lord, Lord" at Bunker Hill: CalPlaza Street Piano.  This piano was designed by the Braille Institute and sponsored by Grand Performances. Pictured is the piano at Bunker Hill: Wells Fargo Center, designed by Ryman Arts and hosted by the Wells Fargo Center.

More photos:

-Charity Tran

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