Tuesday, October 04, 2011

A retrospective of Los Angeles arts and artists (Pacific Standard Time: Art In L.A. 1945-1980)

One of the largest collaborative art projects in Southern California officially kicked off last weekend. Pacific Standard Time: Art In Los Angeles 1945-1980 is a long overdue project that celebrates Los Angeles' contribution to and impact on the arts and popular culture. Over 60 museums and cultural venues are joining forces across Southern California (from Berkeley to San Diego) to share with the world the significant works, artforms and artists that this era in L.A. has produced.

I don't consider myself a nerd or an expert on any one thing, but I have a voracious appetite for knowledge. Just a brief look at some of the exhibits that have been curated, the volume of history to be learned is exciting and breathtaking. Ranging from politically and socially charged art, to historically significant art, to familiar pop-culture art, the massive collection is sure to inspire on many levels.

In addition to the visual arts, Pacific Standard Time will also feature a number of events from a variety of art and cultural disciplines, including one from the Music Center that combines dance with skateboarding, courtesy of resident dance troupe, Diavolo.

Some Pacific Standard Time exhibit highlights from the ExperienceLA.com calendar:
Pacific Standard Time: Art In Los Angeles 1945-1980 runs for 6 months now until April 2012. More information can be found at the official Pacific Standard Time Web site. Take a listen to Pacific Standard Time co-director Joan Weinstein's (Deputy Director at The Getty) interview with Warren Olney on "Which Way L.A" (following the story on Metro Expo Line).


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