Friday, October 14, 2011

The World Comes to Luckman Fine Arts Complex

Truly, the best thing about working with is all the amazing and exciting events we come across on a daily basis. Especially as a new mom, many of these events have taken on new meaning for me as they provide an opportunity to share an experience with my young daughter and witness her reaction as she takes in the world.

Last Saturday, I brought my family to the Luckman Fine Arts Complex at California State University, Los Angeles to their World Arts Day event. As a family, we learned about the history of the cacao bean in Aztec, Mayan and Latin American cultures; partook in several hands on activities including making cacao-based salad dressing with Chef Julie Titus of Raw Bites Happy Food, and Indonesian mask-making; and watched animated films created by other event-goers.

The evening ended for us with some spectacular Makoto Taiko drumming, which was part of the World Festival of Sacred Music. Taiko drumming is something both my husband and I have long wanted to see, and the fact that we experienced it for the first time together with our daughter made it that much more special. Our daughter was completely mesmerized by the synchronized movements of the drummers and the sounds of the beating drums. What made it especially fun for us was that there were other families with infants in attendance, and we sat together in what we called "the baby row."

Though we missed the Balinese dance performances (also part of the World Festival of Sacred Music), our day was filled with a healthy dose of global experiences. The Luckman Fine Arts Complex has an incredibly diverse line-up for its 2011-2012 season for your own global experience. Here are some of the season's highlights.
  • Émilie Simon + Iva BittovĂ  - Saturday, October 22 @ 8PM
  • Tinariwen - Saturday, October 29 @ 8PM
  • Ray Chen - Saturday, November 19 @ 8PM
  • Aaron Neville - Saturday, December 17 @ 8PM
  • Luckman Jazz Orchestra: Tribute to Hank Mobley - Saturday, January 21@ 8PM
  • Cloud Gate II - Saturday, February 18 @ 8PM
  • Chunky Move - Saturday, March 17 @ 8PM
  • Anoushka Shankar - Saturdany, April 21 @ 8PM
  • Robert Moses' Kin - Saturday, May 5 @ 8PM
Visit for a complete schedule of their season. 


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