Friday, September 24, 2010

Mosley vs. Mora

The young rising star El Canelo (the cinnamon-colored one) Saul Alvarez knocked out his opponent Carlos Baldomir in the 6th round. The punch that sent Baldomir to the canvas brought forth a rain of beer from an overzealous fan unto to us in the media. Magic Johnson, Ron Artest of the Champion Lakers, Sugar Ray Leonard, funny man Eddie Murphy were among the others in attendance; Sergio Mora vs. Sugar Shane Mosley of course being the main attraction of the evening had the near capacity crowd as enthusiastic as those who had attended the Madison Square Garden first bout between Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier.

Unfortunately the Latin Snake and Sugar Man chemistry couldn't create an explosion for the first ten rounds, while clenching and mauling each other. But the 11th round almost brought about a standing ovation as their exchanges were wrought iron and hammered metal; quick in succession, ammunition belt cartridges, hand grenades -- it was war! The anticipation of the 12th round was electrifying as the referee had them to touch gloves. A chant began from Sergio Mora's fans. There would be no grand finale, only a replica of the 1st round. Michael Buffer's announcement that the fight was a draw bought an uproar from the audience of disappoinment. Saul (El Canelo) Alvarez was worth the price and ticket of admission but my humble suggestion if you come to see him fight...bring an umbrella.


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