Tuesday, August 11, 2009

They're back - Gin Blossoms perform at the Starlight Bowl

The Gin Blossoms are one of the few pop rock bands in very recent history who've managed to get the formula right for creating good, enduring music. Though their sound can be identified from the 90s, their songs still air on the radio today, and will most likely persist as time goes on.

For those who've waited ever so patiently for the band to return with a new album and hit the road, we're pleased to inform you they're back! With their catchy melodies, upbeat tempos and relatable lyrics, the Gin Blossoms take to the stage on Sunday, August 16 at the Starlight Bowl in Burbank.

A quick listen to their newest single, "Learning the Hard Way" and fans will not be disappointed. The band sounds as if they've not missed a beat since taking a break from the music scene several years ago. While they will most likely cover songs from their newest album, Major Lodge Victory, fans may expect to hear an old favorite or two as well.

Pack a picnic and a blanket, head over to the Starlight Bowl this Sunday evening, and indulge in a little fun pop music as the sun draws the evening to a close. this will Sting will kick the evening off at 6:30 PM. For more information, visit our website at ExperienceLA.com.

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Natalie said...

This is awesome! I didn't realize the Gin Blossoms were still together. I saw them perform forever ago in Riverside. Can't wait to hear the new album. Thanks for the Starlight Bowl info.