Friday, July 10, 2009

Come Down Stage for Pershing Square Summer Season

LA vue from Pershing SquarePershing Square is hosting "Pershing Square Down Stage Summer Concerts 2009," a tremendous variety of concert events this summer featuring a large mixture of artists and bands every week. But, more than just hosting one event per week they are hosting up to five FREE concerts per week varying in both time and day. So guess what? If you live, work, or just want to hang out downtown you have no excuse not to come! Especially considering the number of affordable lunch opportunities and fabulous restaurants in the Historic Downtown and it's already beautiful atmosphere, and add some music. It's just perfect!

And seriously, there is something here for everyone, so just skim down and look at the different days and explore the main website or day website linked to the individual events because you are bound to find something, whether you are….

Looking for some cool alternative music, a fun night in the city, or just something new? If so you should be more than interested in Pershing Square's "Spaceland under the Stars" evenings. These events take place Wednesday night between 8 and 10. Featured bands include (but are not limited to) 60 Watt Kid, Union Line and North Top. But for more information and date please check out the website!

Tired of your boring lunch routine sitting in the office staring at the computer? Or looking to spice up a lunchtime meeting? Or simply wanting to do something between lets say...the hours of 12 and 2 in the afternoon? Well then "Thursday Lunchtime Concerts" are just your thing - don't you think? I mean seriously who doesn't want to listen to Chelsea Williams, Tim Fagan, Loomis and The Lust and Eric & Judd? You know you do.

Fretting that you can't make Thursday lunch? That why there are "Thursday Sounds of Summer" evening events between 8 and 10PM. Just enough time to have a nice dinner at work before heading off to a concert. Don't you think? (and that goes for those of you not living in downtown too! With the redline it is easy to get to Pershing Square with more then enough time to eat during or before the show). Thursday nights will feature everything from the alternative rock styles of Rocco Seluca to the softer music of Maia Sharp and much more in between.

Looking to get in touch with you super hero side? Cause lets face it we all need to be super human sometimes. That's why Pershing Square is providing us with a little bit of inspiration curtsy of "Friday night flicks" featuring our favorite superheroes from The Incredibles, the X-man Gang, to Superman and many far between. Sadly though we only getting to hang out with our superhero buddies between 8-10pm (but you can still be a superhero for the rest of the night-I wont tell).

Or thinking why there are not more events on the weekends so I don't have to wake up early the next day?! Well what can I say but "Saturday Night Pershing Square Downtown Stage" is here for you. This coveted Saturday night spot is featuring bands such as The Motels, Paula Cole (who did the theme for a little show called Dawson's Creek), and Upground. But again there are just so much more you got to look for yourself!

Just looking to get up and dance? Well that's why Pershing Square is also featuring "Swinging Dance Bands" between 4 and 6 pm on Sundays because who doesn't want to get up and dance. Some of these swinging bands include Savage City, Undercover and the Scott Martin Latin Soul Band.

And finally, wondering why there are not more kid friendly events? Well don't lose hope because there are two "Pershing Square Kids" events. The first on July 30th features Kids on Stage and Renee & Jeremy. The Second event on August 13th stars Rhythm Child and Jumbo Shrimp Circus.

So didn't I say there would be something for everyone? And I was correct right? The City of LA, Recreation and Parks Department and their Pershing Square Advisory Board have taken on this really ambitious summer program that they are very proud of and truly want people to enjoy. So please come to Pershing Square and support them. Pershing Square is extremely convenient from the Metro and for specific directions please use Metro Trip planner. So come on out, enjoy the music, the food and the experience. And if you have an iPhone or other mobile device, check out the free ExperienceLA WiFi.


Photo by manna from the heavens from the ExperienceLA Flickr Pool.

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