Friday, July 17, 2009

Color Me Mine Very Own Fun

The other night my friends and I went for a Girls' Night Out at Color Me Mine, an interactive ceramic painting store that has you come in, select a fantastic ceramic item and paint it anyway you like! This particular night was Pajama Night at the store, and you gotta love promotions that you get 50% off the studio fee. We sat around chatting, listening to music and painting all these pretty things and lounging in our PJs. Some of us made bowls, others cups, some vases and another friend made coasters as a gift (because, trust me, everyone loves one of these hand painted masterpieces).

While we loved our useful choices, we kept wishing we had brought our little cousins so we would have an excuse to do some playful ones, like paint the little ceramic frog, wizard hat or crown cup. Really everything there is just so cute! In fact, not only did we want to bring our younger cousins, we kind of wanted our whole families. One of my friends is even determined to have her bridal shower there so that everyone could make her something special. And yes, they actually do host these types of events and birthday parties! It's really very clever!

You know having fun with your kids doesn't always have to revolve around them. After all, you deserve some fun too. And that is exactly what Color Me Mine offers! It is great for family time and even a Girls' Night Out(some people even drag dates there too). Because doing ceramics is one of the most versatile activities that someone at any age can enjoy. It is a wonderful chance to be able to bond with your family over an activity that you can all enjoy. It's also a great excuse to just get out of the house and enjoy summer-without the heat. And most importantly it is literally creating a memory that you, your children and friends will be able to keep forever.

And while yes it may seem like a messy disaster it is worth it, and I believe I was able to get the small bit of paint on my shirt out without to much hassle. Also, if you are a perfectionist like me it is easy to wash off your mistake from the ceramic. Just be prepared to redo that section.

Color Me Mine is also known for their fun themed nights so you can dress up, enjoy, and sometimes get a discount by participating - yay! Some themes include "Pajama Night", "Ladies Night" and the Studio City location even has a "Mommy, Daddy and Me" night coming up on the 20th of July. Each location has their own theme and entertainment events so click on monthly events on the side of your chosen destination page to learn more.

Each store has their own spirit and different fun features or attractions. For instance the Studio City one offers a summer camp for kids. The Calabasas site is known for their celebrity sittings including Paris Hilton and Micsha Barton. The one in Huntington Beach is located right by some great restaurants and the nearby beach is a fun choice for a family outing or night out. The Long Beach location on Second Street in Belmont Shore is also a great walking street where you can stroll down unique shopping streets and choose to eat from a diverse group of restaurants; overall, it really has a great feel to it. But with any of these locations just be warned they do glaze the ceramics for you so you will need to be able to go back and pick them up another day. But don't worry there are a lot of locations in the greater Los Angeles area, so finding one close to home should be a snap.


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