Thursday, October 09, 2008

LA Phil: Chamber Music with Yefim Bronfman

Walt Disney Concert Hall SignI've expressed my love of chamber music on this blog before (see: LA Chamber Music Fixe), and my Tuesday evening of Chamber Music at the LA Phil with Yefim Bronfman was no exception.

After a lovely dinner at the Engine Co. No. 28, my friend Adam and I headed out on the local shuttle to the Walt Disney Concert Hall. While we were a little squished at one point, I was happy to see that a large number of people were not only going to the Music Center and the Walt Disney Concert Hall on a Tuesday night, but that they were also taking advantage of the local shuttles that run from the restaurants in the Downtown area (Hint: Check out the website of the restaurant you're dining at, they might have a complimentary shuttle).

The evening began with Brahms: String Quartet No. 1 in C minor, Op. 51, No. 1. I'm a big fan of strings, and it was just great to hear how 4 different string instruments can make such beautiful sound with such intensity.

But as lovely as the Brahms piece was, I was really there for the second half, which featured pianist Yefim Bronfman on piano - Schubert: Quintet for Piano & Strings, D. 667 "Trout". While the Brahms provided a sense of intensity, Schubert's Trout had such a light and happy air. From what I could tell about most of the crowd there - with the quiet tapping of their fingers, the automated grins that would appear - that's what they were really there for too.

I'm a particular fan of Schubert's "Trout" because it reminds me of my childhood and the CDs my parents let me buy after some begging. I often say that the music of my childhood is Spanish music on Sundays in the neighborhood, Vietnamese music on static-prone AM radio in the kitchen, and in my own room, the shift between radio stations: classical, oldies, and 80s/90s pop. Radio is a beautiful thing because it's free to listen to, but my apprecation of the CD (or any music bought) is that you can listen to it over and over again at your choice.

The third movement of the piece - the scherzo - is one I remember from a compliation CD I owned when I was younger. Nothing beats hearing something played right before your ears, that before you only knew from a recording. I've had experiences like this before - one when knowledge is an experience and not just a belief - but everytime it comes around it still feels new and is such a great feeling.

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-Charity Tran, Web Coordinator

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