Thursday, August 14, 2008

"Life in Technicolor"

In light of the Perseid meteor shower, my friends and I decided to orchestrate some late night stargazing. Only, we attempted this a day too late, and by the time we got to Point Dume out in Malibu, it was beyond cloudy. After driving around for some time reading each street sign in search for legit parking (like the nerdy ethical kids we are), we finally mustered up the courage to just risk it and park along the beach.

Plopped like sardines on a blanket, with the music emanating from my iFlop monkey speakers layered with the soothing crash of the tides close by, it no longer mattered whether or not we could see the stars that night.

All would've been perfect had the police not driven by... shining his bright lights our way and breaking us out of our dreamworld. After a futile attempt to lay flat, avoid eye contact, and hope to God he wouldn't notice the obviously human figures on the beach (no logic in that, I know), we headed off in search for yet another beach, and yet another adventure. Just your typical spontaneous late night LA experience...

For a better view of the stars, if not outside then maybe in the planetarium, check out the Griffith Observatory, another favorite place of mine.

-Sarah Koo, ExperienceLA Marketing Assistant

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