Friday, August 29, 2008

FYI: Metrolink on Google Transit?

Experience LA in a new way.

Metrolink is now on Google Transit. Go here for the LA County Area.

Have you tested it out? Thoughts on Google Transit? We'd love to know.

I hope Metro/MTA jumps on board soon. My iPhone will come even more particularly handy in saving my life...and my bad sense of direction.

(Updated: 2:58P.M. - LAist confirms Metro is still in discussion with Google on implementation).

-Charity Tran, Web Coordinator

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Anonymous said...

Nice catch! While we hope METRO joins us in Google Transit soon, we still have a large number of smaller transit operators that also connect with Metrolink trains at stations throughout Southern California. Help us encourage all of them join Google Transit to make it as useful as possible.

For Metrolink trips, use our website at to identify the addresses of your origin and destination stations and a Metrolink only trip itinerary will result. In the next few months, Metrolink stations will appear on Google Maps as clickable icons. In addition, you will be able to access Google Transit on the Metrolink home page soon.