Monday, November 19, 2007

Freebie of the Week: Spiritual Warriors, The Film

We love freebies and we're sure you do too.

Starting today, catch free screenings all week long of "Spiritual Warriors"... and get your hands on a free copy of the book that inspired the film, Dr. John-Roger's LA Times #1 bestseller "Spiritual Warrior".

Brief synopsis: "Spiritual Warriors" stars Jsu Garcia as Christopher Finn, a sometimes mob gofer/sometimes actor who eludes police pursuit after a drug deal goes bad. After hiding behind the walls of an opulent estate, Finn is awakened the next morning by an old man who seems to know more about Finn than he possibly could or should...

Screening at Fine Arts Theatre 7pm & 10pm every night. November 19th - 25th.

-ExperienceLA Staff

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