Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Being a Star Nerd

The first and only time I checked out the Griffith Observatory's remodeled planetarium, I sadly fell asleep. It's definitely not because the show is boring by any means. My body is just wired to pass out the moment the lights go down while I'm reclined in my seat listening to the soothing voice of the narrator with his glowing ball of light. I honestly wanted to stay awake and learn about the stars, but found myself waking up to the cosmic explosion halfway through - mouth gaping open and all...

The Observatory, itself, is beautiful. And while parking up at the Observatory is now available again, I didn't mind taking the Galactic Express (free shuttle ride) and pretending to be a kid on a field trip. "Are we there yet??"

To compensate for my narcoleptic tendencies, I checked out Glendale Community College's Planetarium show last Friday. GCC's Planetarium is an all digital full dome theater with power reclinable seats. While the show isn't as fancy as Griffith's, I definitely learned a lot (and stayed fully awake this time around)!

-Sarah Koo, ExperienceLA Arts/Cultural Marketing Assistant

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