Monday, March 22, 2010

New Bus Service: Go Metro to Dodgers Games

As a Dodgers fan reliant on public transit, it's nice to hear that there's a new bus service to the stadium - so not only can I "Think Blue" but see it too.  Details after the jump...

Thanks to a grant by Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC), Metro will start the Dodgers Stadium Express beginning April 1st.  More details:

  • Cost: Dodgers game ticket holders ride free; without tickets base fare is $1.25.
  • Route: From Union Station (Patsaouras Bus Plaza - Bay 3) to Dodgers Stadium via Sunset Blvd. and Cesar Chavez Avenue
  • Drop-off/Pick-up: Passengers will be dropped off and picked up in the Dodgers parking lot behind Left/Center field.  
  • Time: Buses will run every 10 minutes, 90 minutes before the game starts until the 3rd Inning.  From then until the 7th Inning, buses will run every 30 minutes.  Return service goes from the 7th inning onward until 30 minutes after the game ends. 
Need more info?  Check out Metro's blog - The Source:

Think Blue!  

-Charity Tran

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