Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thinking Blue... Almost

I'll be honest. I am not an avid baseball fan, and to the horror of my die hard baseball loving friends, I freely admit my allegiance to both the Dodgers and the Angels (and I'll maybe even throw in a little Red Sox love depending on the game). To my defense, living outside of the West coast meant taking whatever allegiance I could with the West, be it one or several teams. My theory was that as long as any California team made it to the finals, I'd be happy. Oh, and the Red Sox love is just my personal mix of Boston nostalgia and underdog favoritism.

Uh, moving along now (before I keep digging myself into a bigger hole)...

Anyway, on the contrary, if there's a chance to go to a live game, I'd be a fool to pass up on it. Why? Because it's not "just a game". It's so much more than that. Superdogs with a side of garlic fries, joining in on the multiple attempts at a successful stadium wave, collectively booing Heidi and Spencer from The Hills as their presence at the game was highlighted on the Jumbotron... such unadulterated bliss indeed.

And avid fan or not, tough luck to the fool who tries to distract me while I'm focused on the game... you might as well befriend your cracker jack. The Dodgers game last Monday lasted until 10:30pm, but with a tied score and bases loaded at the bottom of the ninth, and the rookie Blake DeWitt's single that helped win the game, was that a great game or what?

My only complaint is that it's seemingly impossible to get to the Dodgers Stadium via public transportation. In fact, it's easier to hop on the Metrolink and get dropped right off at the Angels Stadium down in Orange County. Sigh. If only thinking blue would lead to thinking green...

-Sarah Koo, ExperienceLA Marketing Assistant

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