Friday, October 20, 2006

West LA: STAR ECO Station

My introduction to entomology was visiting STAR ECO Station special event "Creepy Crawlers." Arachnids, Mini Beasts and exotic insects sent chills up and down my spine as I promised myself to purchase an insectclopedia afterwards. Eco Station also provides animals from around the globe and who better to answer questions than co-founder Katya Bozzi.

Daood: STAR ECO Station has a variety of animals. With LA Zoo being only a bus ride and Sea World less than two-hour drive away from STAR ECO Station location, what makes this a great addition to those aforementioned?

Katya: The STAR ECO Station is much different! We get at risk animals that no one else wants. Since we are also an environmental science museum, we work with environmental heroes to address every aspect of the environment. Clean air, the three R's (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) Watershed, and Global Warming. We focus on preservation through education.

Daood: What are some of the exotic animals people can look forward to seeing at STAR ECO Station?

Katya: New animals are always being rescued at STAR ECO Station. So, at any given time you can see an array of tropical fish (tank-busting Pacu), fascinating felines (Jay the Bobcat), tropical, talkative birds (meet the famous Ozzie), flexible turtles, strong slithering snakes, and smiling gators to name a few!

Daood: Why was the name ECO Station coined as the title?

Katya: ECO is short for Ecology, we cover every aspect of the environment. It is based on how we interact with everything on our planet.

Daood: What other organizations work in conjunction with STAR ECO Station to secure the animals and provide such an educational experience?

Katya: We work in partnership with US Fish & Wildlife Services, NOAA, Surfrider, Santa Monica Baykeeper, Waterkeeper Alliance, Heal the Bay, OFI, Coalition for Clean Air.

Daood: According to the flyer that I picked up at the STAR ECO Station you are going to have a Halloween Occasion. Would you be so kind to elaborate on the details of the up coming event?

Katya: STAR ECO Station will transform into a safe and magical trick or treating experience! Embark on an adventure for the young at heart! At Enchanted Hallow's Eve you are invited to stroll through the Roaring Rainforest Forest! Drop by the Enchanted Witch's Lair! Explore the reptile kingdom with slithering snakes, spooky tarantulas, and scary alligators! Take a stroll through the Charmed Mansion! Hang out at the Poacher's Palace, swim through the Jaws Kelp Forest! Be prepared to steal pirate's booty on treasure island then we are off to see the excellent ECO Station Wizard and go through the scarecrow maze where you search for the heart, mind and courage!

Your second choice is at the Infamous Haunted Academy be prepared to jump in terror at every turn through the haunted halls! Come face to face with teenage monsters and teachers' ghosts of school-years past! Don't miss out on a truly wicked adventure! It's a Halloween haunt to die for...if you dare!!!

Enchanted Hallow's Eve is for all ages! Saturday & Sunday October 28th & 29th 2006 1:00pm-7:00pm Costume Contest at 1:30pm with Special Appearances at STAR ECO Station.

One child free admission per adult admission. Take both adventures for just $1 more! Regular Admission $6 for children, $7 for seniors, and $8 for adults.

For more great events at STAR ECO station, check out their profile at, where you can even sign up for a STAR ECO Station RSS feed!


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