Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Living in Los Angeles

Living in Los Angeles, it's easy to forget that it's more than just a city. It's also a county. The nation's largest county in fact, with more than 10 million people residing in 88 cities and many unincorporated areas, and accounting for roughly 27% of California's population.

With such diversity in people and geography, it's a wonder that anyone could ever be bored here. There's so much to see and do in L.A. County and many of the activities are inexpensive or free! That's why at ExperienceLA, we hope to enhance the Los Angeles experience by launching a brand new L.A. County directory of events and destinations. Our goal is to provide information and raise awareness for all of the cultural, recreational and life-long learning opportunities offered by L.A. County government.

In the moment that you find yourself thinking or complaining about LA's traffic or concrete jungle, consider that L.A. County has over 65,000 acres of parks, gardens, lakes, and natural areas, not to mention the beaches. Not much of an outdoors person? Then explore the museums, theatres, concert halls and public libraries.

88 cities and unincorporated areas accessible by public transportation. The opportunities to be entertained by L.A. County are truly endless.


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