Tuesday, September 08, 2009

LA County Fair Photo Contest

Need some good food mixed with fun activities? Here's a suggestion, how about screaming at the top of your lungs, checking out some cute baby farm animals, and indulging in County Fair cuisines.

The L.A County Fair opens from Sept. 5 thru Mon., Sept. 7 and continues from Sept,. 9 to Oct. 4.

Whether you enjoy shopping, eating, or adventuring, LA County Fair definitely offers something for everyone in the family. There are lots of fun, food and competitions to join. Speaking of competitions, ExperienceLA will hold a contest for all the Fair goers out there. We challenge you to submit your best moment of the L.A. County Fair in pictures and win a Flip Ultra Video Camera. So these are what you need to do:


Between September 5 and October 4, email us the photo directly at staff@experiencela.com. One entry per person.

In the Subject Line write:“ExperienceLA Fair Photo Contest” as the Subject Header

Photo Information:
Answer the following in the body of your email for each submitted photo:
1. Your Name & City
2. Photo Title (5 words max)
3. Brief Description (100 characters max)

File size cannot be more than 6mb
Tip: Try to capture funny moments or pictures with story behind it

Restrictions & Licensing:
No inappropriate content (i.e. nudity, sexual content, slander, etc.)
By submitting your photos to this contest, you agree to the following:
You are certifying that the photo is rightfully yours
You are agreeing to share your rights with ExperienceLA for possible promotional use

We will select the top 10 photos and invite you back to vote for the top 3. The 3 contestants who get the most votes on our blog will each receive a Flip Video recorder from Pure Digital Technologies.

Don’t forget to eat some corn dog. Last year, they sold 100,000+ and they are trying to top it again this year. Maybe you can be the one who eats that record breaking corn dog. A picture of that might help you win the contest.

Good luck, happy posing, and enjoy the fair!

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Natalie DeJohn said...

This is very cool! Thanks for the photo contest info.