Monday, July 04, 2011

The Greencards Playing at The Mint on Tuesday July 5

The other day I got a friend request on Facebook from Kym Warner and at first didn't recognize the name. But I qucikly realized that this was Kym from The Greencards who I had seen back at Stagecoach 2008 and had included them in my blog post for back then. Now I suspect the reason he friended me was that I might then discover that The Greencards were coming to play in Los Angeles at The Mint on Tuesday, July 5.

I had a chance to make it to another concert at The Mint several years back, and I did a blog post on that concert featuring Broke Down Cadillac and opening act Smith and Pyle. So in honor of the Greencards coming to The Mint, I uploaded some of these The Greencards Stagecoach 2008 pictures to flickr for this blog post.

The four member Greencards are based in Nashville and got their name in recognition of having a performer from England and Australia. Members of the group have changed over the years but are still led by Australians Carol Young and Kym Warner. The group is touring all summer to promote their new The Brick CD and you can find them at several festivals and many small venues throughout the US. Check out their tour date page. Also notice at the top, if you are reading this from somewhere outside of LA, that they are looking to form street teams to help them promote their concerts in the non-festival venues.

Anyway, I have my ticket for The Mint on Tuesday and also look forward to hearing two other acts: Alice Wallace and Sierra Lynn Danger who are also playing that night.

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