Thursday, May 19, 2011

Culture and art at your fingertips: Hammer Museum launches a free mobile app

I've already loved the depth and breadth of the Hammer Museum's event calendar, especially when so many are free! Now that they've rolled out a free mobile app to not only help plan my visit, but enhance my experience while I'm there, I see no reason not to go!

Some of the features included are:
  • In-depth exhibition audio guides
  • Interviews with artists and curators
  • Videos and images of works on view
  • Exhibition catalogue texts
  • Tools for planning your visit
  • Interfaces with social networking sites and email
I downloaded the app on my iPhone, and opened it up to explore and found the app to have the same breadth and depth of the Museum. What I love is the three dots at the top of any page where you can search the app, add favorites, go back home or interact with facebook, twitter and email. And don't worry about getting lost, the app has maps of the museum as well. An easy interface and lots of info. I'll take this art to go!

Read more about the app here.

-Tiina Vuorenmaa, ExperienceLA Staff

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