Thursday, March 03, 2011

Review: Violators Will Be Violated

Looking for theatre to push the envelope? Then, get violated! Violators Will Be Violated is a brilliantly acted one-man show by Casey Smith that shocks you so hard you have to laugh.

Warning: This show is not for the faint of heart.

On one of the coldest nights in LA, a friend and I went to Atwater Village Theatre for a most unique show. Yes, it was shocking and lewd - maybe even gross at times, but there was something different in the set up of the show. I felt like I was watching a street performer, a stand-up comedian and an extremely talented actor all in one.

The show consisted of Casey Smith almost miming out a bunch of  short skits (each with a different characters) using an occasional chair as a prop. Each skit brought to light the awkard (and sometime dark) moments of life, and then pushed them further to the edge of "What If?" If you understood what was going on (and with the amazing talents of Smith it wasn't too hard - even without props), then you probably started laughing because it was funny AND embarassing.

Three things stood out for me. First, the subtle nuances in each character were outstanding. I didn't see a guy acting out different scenes, I saw a teen girl doing a strip tease or little boy passing notes.  Second, there was a lot of deaths - death by brain freeze, death by car accident (and being rolled over multiple times), and even death by poop. Yep, you heard me right. Poop. Right now, either your inner child is giggling frantically or you're disgusted. If it's both, then go see the show and enjoy!

Which brings me to my third point - the word of the night was "weird". After the show, my friend and I went through the list of skit titles and talked all the way home about each one - which ones were our favorites, which ones we thought went too far, and which ones we didn't really understand. And one word came up over and over again - "weird". It was mainly used as a default word for a show that goes beyond description. Overall, Violators Will Be Violated is a great show for conversation starters and daredevil theater-goers.


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