Monday, December 27, 2010

Rock with You: MJ + Latin-twist = Holiday Fun!

I got the chance to see Rock with You a couple nights ago, and I’m really glad I did. The first thing that I must point out – for those who will be going to the show – is that they have Cuban food and drinks in the front of the theatre. So, going early is a great idea! But, I digress…

Although Rock with You doesn’t pay tribute to many of the more current Michael Jackson songs, MJ fans will be very happy with the pure amount of his songs in this dance musical. Other than one Christmas song, it is 100% all Michael. If you are a true fan, give yourself the gift of seeing this show during the holidays! Seaon and the others on vocal sing admirably. While he doesn’t sound exactly like the original King of Pop, I was very pleased with how good they sounded. And, of course, who doesn’t love a true Latin twist to pop songs?

The best part for me in this show was the dancing. While I wish there was a lot more salsa, the dancers were spectacular. In particular, Seaon Bristol and Christina Haggerty are definitely rising stars in the dance world, and brought the energy and life in this entire musical up several notches. However, all the dancers were great. Although -as I said before- my preference would have been for more salsa (and cha cha, etc.), I have to say that Liberian Girl was the most visually stunning of all the numbers. Between the dancing, the lights and the clothing, this was amazing eye candy.

While Rock with You could have definitely used a story line to make the show more cohesive, fans of Michael Jackson, Latin music and dance (and food!) will certainly appreciate this musical. See it while you can, as it ends January 2nd.

-ExperienceLA Staff

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