Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Downtown LA Holiday Event Picks (Editor Edition)

The weather outside is frightful...

..and it actually kind of is!  Though today is particularly lovely, lately there's been a chill in the air calling me toward warm holiday drinks and bowls of soup.  Los Angeles perhaps isn't known for its Winter Wonderland experience (soap bubble snow at the Grove doesn't count, does it?), but with the cold wind billowing outside I am reminded that the winter season is upon us and with it Holiday Events!  To make sure the list doesn't get too extensive, here are my holiday picks for Downtown LA:
    Scrooge Courtesy of
    Hollywood Classics USA
  • Holiday Matinee Screening of Scrooge
    December 5, 2010: 2:00-5:00pmClassic holiday movie in a classic movie palace?  That's what's in store for you at this annual LA Conservancy event.  What a perfect way to welcome the holiday season but seeing a favorite holiday film in a place that reminds you of the beauty of Los Angeles history!  I've had a great time at previous screenings and I think you will too. 
  • LA Downtown on Ice
    November 18th-January 11thSo we don't have snow, but we definitely have ice!  And what a better way to get a bit of winter cheer (and feel a little of Los Angeles' Hollywood magic) than to ice skate in Downtown LA with the Los Angeles sun and skyscrapers above?
  • Lighting: Christmas Trees and Holiday LightsDates VaryThe beauty of Christmas trees and lights don't have to be just from your own home.  There's trees everywhere, beauitfully decorated and waiting for an event to show off!  The Biltmore lights its tree today (December 1st) and to start new traditions, Chinatown will be having its first Christmas Tree lightning tomorrow (Decembers 2nd).  For something a little bit different and semi-close to Downtown, Heritage Square Museum will turn on the holiday lights to its historic homes on December 4th and 5th.
  • Christmas with Bessie
    December 4th, 9:00pm

    Feeling like a musical holiday? Attend this event honoring jazz legend Bessie Smith and featuring an eclectic mix of musical artists.
  • Holidays with the LA PhilDecember 17th and 18th
    On December 17th and 18th, join the LA Phil for more holiday music.  On December 17th, listen to the organ at the Holiday Organ Spectacular and on December 18th, break out in song at the Holiday Sing-Along (Want tickets to the Holiday Sing-Along?  Enter our Holiday Photo Contest!)
  • 51st Annual L.A. County Holiday CelebrationDecember 24th, 3:00pm-6:00pm
    You can't go wrong with this amazing annual holiday celebration by L.A. County.  First off, it's free, but secondly if you can't make it to Downtown, there's feeds on TV, internet, and radio (KCET-TV, or KPFK 90.7 FM)!  

-Charity Tran

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