Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Rooted in history: Los Angeles Heritage Portal

"Progress" and "change" are often associated with Los Angeles. Many pop-culture trends are set here, from fashion, to health and lifestyle philosophies, to entertainment and so on. Living in Los Angeles, we see change on a daily basis as new homes, buildings and commercial properties go up in all parts of the City and County. Not to mention the fast-paced world in which we now live in makes yesterday seem like a distant memory.

So with all this, it's sometimes easy to take for granted the deep history and heritage of L.A. - history that is still alive today. This is why ExperienceLA.com, along with our partners at the Los Angeles Heritage Alliance (LAHA), are excited to announce the new L.A. Heritage Portal. At this portal, you'll be able to find in one location all the events taking place year-round throughout L.A. County (as well as other parts of the SoCal region) that celebrate over 250 years of history and culture. You can find everything from re-enactments, to exhibitions, to walking tours, to historic food tastings, architecture and lots more.

It is our hope that through this portal, history fanatics, visitors, and all residents of L.A. County can discover (or re-discover) and come to appreciate our past, and the many groups dedicated to preserving it for future generations. 

The next time you hear someone say there's no history in L.A., point them to the L.A. Heritage Portal and show them there's plenty of history here. They just gotta know where to look.

Thoughts on the new L.A. Heritage Portal, or on Los Angeles history in general? Feel free to leave a comment. We'd love to hear from you.


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