Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday night delight

In addition to weekend relaxing, festivities, or whatever plans you've got, the city of Santa Monica has given us another reason to look forward to Fridays: Bike Valet night. We give thumbs up to the city on this effort to promote a less car-dependent culture.

Remember those days as a kid when you and your friends rode your bikes everywhere, and life was a little simpler then? This could be your chance to relive those nostalgic moments, and reunite that bike bunch you had in middle school.

Take your bike out for a cruise to see local art, and hotspots tonight, and every Friday night along Main Street between Ashland and Pier, and receive free, secure bike parking from 5PM to midnight (bike valet located in front of the Library Alehouse).

As if that's not enough, bike valet patrons can enjoy discounts from multiple locations along Main Street on the last Friday of every month. Check out Last Fridays on Main Street to see all the participating locations and deals.

Biking is also a great way to discover things you might have missed while stuck inside a vehicle.

Avoid the Friday night traffic and hassles of parking garages, and ride your bike to your favorite spots along Main Street. Just remember: ride with care, and safety first.

Thanks to our friends at Santa Monica Farmers Markets for this eco-friendly tip.


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