Thursday, January 07, 2010

Supporting the arts

Here in Los Angeles, we have so many ways in which to appreciate art. At one time, "supporting the arts" might have meant getting dressed up and going to the opera or a high-end gallery, or opening up the checkbook to write a fat check. It might have seemed a little exclusive to those of us with a modest income. But art has become so much more democratic now, and much more accessible.

I'm thankful to live in a city with so much talent and that produces so much. It's amazing how much art is simply there for me to see on a daily basis. Right near my house is a beautiful mural depicting the history of Los Angeles. Every morning, I descend the stairs of the North Hollywood redline station and am surrounded by public art reflective of a NoHo community. Almost every day, there's some live music performance happening near my house or near the office. And of course, working for ExperienceLA I come across so many fun and interesting theatre performances, art exhibitions, live music, etc. that I wish I had more time in my life to simply attend.

What I love about experiencing the arts is that it doesn't have to be stiff and formal. I can go to an art gallery in jeans and sneakers to see drawings on whiteboard, or to see the orchestra perform on casual Fridays. Art is actually fun! If you had told me as a child that going to an art gallery or to see the orchestra was fun, I would've looked at you like you were from another planet.

"Art" to me may not mean the same thing to you. But that's the beauty of it. Art is democratic, and is what you want it to be. Get dressed up, or dressed down. Go see Rembrandt, or comic books. See Dudamel conduct the LA Phil at the Disney Concert Hall, or just a dude and his guitar at your local cafe.

Since January is LA Arts Month, take advantage of some of the discounts and special offers. Throughout the year, don't forget about the museums with their free days. Check out the multiple discount outlets for deals on theatre tickets. Visit ExperienceLA's calendar for free & family-friendly events. The opportunities to experience art are endless, and there really is something for all tastes, budgets and schedules. So go on, get out, and more importantly, have fun supporting the arts!



Pincher said...

I agree, there are many opportunities to see free or cheap art. I have a blog dedicated to that, check it
Keep it up!

Natalie said...

Go, L.A.! I love that we're celebrating the art scene this month.

Anonymous said...
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