Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ExperienceLA Holiday Billboards

billboard closeup by plushcattechMy First Billboard by plushcattech
I am one of the few people in Los Angeles who loves advertising, commercials and marketing even though I'm not working in the field.  I love to view flash ads online, Superbowl commercials and billboards during my commute. So when I was given the chance to design the holiday billboards for ExperienceLA, I was ecstatic.

Our overall sub-theme was "Search holiday at ExperienceLA" for great events during the season, while each billboard had a festive theme. In west LA, it was a snowy "'Tis the season to experienceLA", and in east LA, it was a multicultural "Happy Holidays".

Marketing is a tough, but rewarding field, and I was giddy as a Twihard at the L.A. premiere of New Moon when I saw my first billboard on Santa Monica and Westwood. I only saw a glimpse of it from my car because I was going east on Santa Monica and it was facing westward traffic, but I couldn't help smiling, laughing and shrieking. I pulled over at the Mobil station on the corner, got out of my car and took pictures while getting strange looks from the people at the bus stop.

I waited until the storms passed to get my chance to visit the east LA billboard at Atlantic and Beverly. I hadn't seen the location before so I didn't know where to look, but once I got off the 60 freeway at Atlantic and headed south, I saw the billboard right in front of me! I stopped at the Mobil station on the corner, took pictures and then went across the street to the 76 station for more pictures.

The billboards will be up until January 3rd, so I plan to go back for more pictures! (giggle)


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Natalie said...

Congrats! I always thought it would be fun to work in advertising.