Monday, February 09, 2009

DineLA Restaurant Week Extended to End of February

If you weren't able to score a reservation at your favorite restaurant over the last two weeks during the DineLA Restaurant Week promotion, then you are in luck, as it was just extended to the end of February for most of the restaurants. For the second year in a row, my wife and I made it to 4 different restaurants with friends during Restaurant Week, doing our part to help the local economy. Here was a chance to try some of the high end restaurants for dinner at $35 for a three course meal, while others elected to price themselves at $44. The following are my picture sets from the following restaurants that we enjoyed:

Bashan in Glendale

Citrus at Social in Hollywood

Katsuya in Glendale at the Americana on Brand

Cafe Pinot in Downtown LA

In each picture set, I have written a something about each of these restaurant experiences. Of the four restaurants above, Cafe Pinot was the only one that I had ever previously eaten at. I always get a kick eating at Cafe Pinot, as I spent a decade working on the financing and implementation of the LA Central Library Project. Cafe Pinot is on the West Lawn of the Library, also known as the Maguire Garden.

The restaurant from above that I most want to go back to is Citrus at Social. This was food as art, as you can see from the chocolate bar dessert above. Last year my wife and I did Restaurant Week at Table 8, Grace, and Patina at Disney Hall for lunch. We have even traveled to San Diego for their Restaurant Week, as all of these promotions provide bargain upscale meals.

So check out which restaurant are participating by going to the DineLA Restaurant Week website.

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