Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"Beauty in Walking Away"

Walking away from what's seemingly safe and diving into a world of uncertainty--that seemed to be the theme of the night at the Hotel Cafe Tour's final show at the El Rey on Sunday. Cary Brothers (er, one person, not a band of brothers... thanks Chuck!), Meiko, Priscilla Ahn, Marie Digby, and Ingrid Michaelson were among the handful of musicians giving it their best, dotting their performances with stories here and there of their difficult journeys to where they are now. Musicians who simply love what they do and want to share it with us, whatever it takes. At the end of the night--I've never seen so many encore performances in one sitting--all the musicians repeatedly gathered on stage, sharing with us random songs, covers, collaborations and more. It's as though they didn't want the night to end either, despite probably being tired from weeks on end in one tour bus.

I admit, just like most enamored fans, I have a tendency to place musicians on another level... Like those US Weekly articles spotlighting celebrities doing ordinary things around town ("They eat!" "They push their own shopping carts!" "They wear sweatpants too!"), I often find myself wondering how on earth someone would run away from Marie Digby's confessions of "I like you" or leave Ingrid Michaelson with broken promises. I mean, really... how???

But they're human too. And have far more depth than the mass produced packaging that recording companies are so good at putting together. And the concert brought it back to that. A bunch of friends jamming together, doing what they do best and being vulnerable with us through their words and performances, and hoping that maybe... just maybe, it'll resonate with us too.

-Sarah Koo, ExperienceLA Arts/Culture Marketing Assistant


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic night! I'd gone with some friends, not really knowing what to expect, but I was really impressed with all the performers, including my absolute new fave! (I bought her CD at the show) - MEIKO!

SUCH a great songwriter! And cute as a button too.

Anonymous said...

I got to see the tour in Chicago, was great there too. Er, no group The Cary Brothers, one guy - Cary Brothers. He seems to be THE guy who holds the tour and artist collective (?) together. If he had an ego or a bigger one he'd have top billing - but he seems to foster the whole "all for one, one for all" thing that i never see other artists do. Now if he'd only been an ass after the show where we meet him - instead my GF has a huge crush on him and thinks he hung the moon. With grudging respect, peace - out. Chuck

ExperienceLA said...

I agree... I went not knowing what to expect either but being blown away by the performances by the end of the night. Meiko was definitely one of my favorites. And thanks Chuck for the clarification--I was a little confused because my friend kept insisting it was "The Cary Brothers" and then we collectively kept wondering where the other brothers were. Hahaha. Good to know. =)