Thursday, April 05, 2007

Comfort Food and Then Some...

So fine, I'll admit that UCLA lost. And fine, the Gators won again in all their chest-beating, mouth-guard-chewing, beastly-screaming glory (I'm talkin' to you, Joakim Noah).

Meh. So overrated.

But a girl's gotta have a way to cheer up right? And there's nothing quite like the thought of good food to help fade away (just a little) the heartbreaking image of Arron Afflalo having to sit out so early in the game, or the sound of the ball continuously bouncing off the rim. Painful... oh so painful. Sigh.

But moving on... I had my first Tommy's Burger experience recently. If you don't know what Tommy's is famous for... well, they're known for their chili burgers. Mmmhmm, hearty chili on a hearty burger. Gah, that's downright comfort food.

During our lunch break, my newly christened "Hamburger Buddies" and I ventured out to the KTown area to the very first, original Tommy's. Situated on the corner of Rampart and Beverly Blvd., the location serves over 15,000 customers per week and has been there since 1946. Surprisingly, we were able to get through the line and retrieve our food relatively fast. The burgers and fries were pretty big and the combo came in at around 5 bucks. Nice.

Standing at the counter elbow-to-elbow with fellow eaters, I took a moment to look up and survey the scene around me. It was the typical downtown LA scene: rice rockets that had long since faded from glory rumbling on by, the sun blaring down from the clear blue sky as though it were summer, and then us three trying not to dirty our business casual getups with the inevitably dripping, juicy chili... Yeah, these are the moments that I live for.

So Florida... you've got nothin' on me.

-Sarah Koo, ExperienceLA Arts/Culture Marketing Intern

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