Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"Bad Day" on Metro

So I've always loved the "Bad Day" video by Daniel Powter. Not because of the song, no... but mostly because of the video and its coincidental occurences. Call me a dreamer, but I really do think happenstance is a very real thing. It's what keeps me going when things get a little too mundane and I find myself getting attached to a waddling pigeon crossing the street right along with me (though it really was so cute hopping along like a law-abiding citizen).

Have you ever had the thought that the subway really is full of possibilities? That the person next to you could very well be your future best friend, the daughter of that kid who used to bully you back in jr. high, or oh, I don't know... a long lost cousin?? If six degrees of separation really is true, I wonder how many people on the subway we're connected to somehow.

Anyway, thanks to MetroRiderLA, I can love this video even more. According to their post, this video was actually filmed at Pershing Square. Our very own Pershing Square! Who would've thought... I just assumed it was NY or Chicago. Kinda makes me proud for some odd reason.

If you want to go see Pershing Square for yourself, check out ExperienceLA for more info on what to do in the area.

-Sarah Koo, Arts/Cultural Marketing Assistant

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