Monday, March 19, 2007

Bubbles Are Meant to Be Popped

So if anyone was trying to take the Red Line on Monday morning last week, they probably would have noticed a significant delay. Apparently, there was some kind of derailed or disabled train at the 7th Street Metro Center stop. Well... I don't know for sure since the announcement was somewhat muffled. Either way, it wasn't a big deal and everyone made a mad dash toward the trains that did finally arrive, expertly dodging stationary objects and innocent bystanders along the way.

Strangely enough though, while standing in the subway surrounded by multiple armpits (so much for an upgrade from being butt-level tall in 5th grade), I noticed how people found the situation amusing rather than frustrating. We all just laughed together when more people kept piling in while the rest of us learned to redefine our concept of "personal bubbles". No one seemed to mind the delays - maybe we were all secretly glad to have a valid excuse for being late to work, hee hee. ^__^ It was kind of nice in an odd way... I actually think it's unsettling when a subway's empty. Subways just aren't meant to be empty.

Anyway, for anyone deterred from using public transportation, fear not! Here's four great reasons why we can continue being happy commuters. Or "transit pioneers"... whichever you prefer.

1. Those single-line, painfully scrolling LED signs you may or may not notice on the Red Line? There's a new initiative from Metro that proposes to replace all those displays for 46-inch LCD monitors. And these new displays WILL include vital information... on multiple lines!

2. From March 15-31, Flyaway is celebrating its one year anniversary by offering free round trips to LAX for Metrolink/Amtrak users.

3. Take advantage of Metro's monthly savings with discounted tickets for Universal Studios, the LA Kings home games, and much more. Metrolink is also offering a discount to Universal Studios.

4. For all the Metro groupies, Metro is teaming up with Mattel's Matchbox to create mini replicas of the Metro Local, Metro Rapid, and Metro Express buses.

-Sarah Koo, ExperienceLA Arts/Cultural Marketing Intern

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glennis said...

all i can say is....go ride the trains in japan and be amazed!