Friday, March 02, 2007

"The Art of Chocolate" at Pasadena City College

With seeds on this vast earth there is only one pod that has the seeds that can be processed leaving a person in a state of euphoria... Cacao tree seed of Chocolate! From the ancient cultures of Mexico and Central America of the Cacao tree seed mixed with other spices to produce frothy drinks to currently the sumptuous taste of truffles. Cultures of Continents around the globe partake in the usage of this one of a kind food source.

Believe it or not I was having a chocolate éclair contemplating having a glass of almond chocolate milk as I combed through a newspaper when I discovered an advertisement of taking a course at Pasadena City College - the course?: "The Art of Chocolate". Quickly I flipped open my cell phone and got in contact with the school and was kindly transferred to the instructor teaching the course.

Daood: Hello Ms. Williams and how's everything coming along since the inception of the course.

Ms.Williams: God has blessed me tremendously since the inception of this course. I've met some of the most extraordinary students. My biggest reward is when the students are praised by their families regarding their chocolates.

Daood: With an assortment of sweets and other delectables, why chocolate?

Ms. Williams: Why chocolate? Chocolate is a self-indulgent treat. It's a delicacy to be shared. My way of exchanging a little bit of happiness. You could go to a local chocolate shop and pay up to $2 for a chocolate-covered strawberries or $20 for a box of chocolates. In my case, I became a fisherman, and I'm teaching students how to do the same. You see, chocolate is a great commodity and I receive a tremendous amount of business because specialize in chocolate-making as well as designs.

Daood: The children learn what techniques on how to prepare "The Art of Chocolates?"

Ms. Williams: My students learn 4 basic techniques of melting chocolate. Microwaving, which a convenient and easy way of melting chocolate; double boiler, filling a lower pan with water and placing another pan on top; slower cooker, Crock Pot; and lastly, A Warming Tray.

Daood: Which chocolates seemed to be the favorites among the children to prepare?

Ms. Williams: I've introduced to the class different chocolates. By the way did you know that chocolate comes in every color of the rainbow? The class is split...while some of the students enjoy dark chocolate, the others enjoy milk-chocolate.

Daood: Traveling back into time, how and when did your introduction of chocolate transcend from the exquisite taste of it to actually preparing them yourself?

Ms. Williams: As a child I remember being in the kitchen with my mother baking cupcakes and yellow cakes. I loved the taste of Betty Crocker Creamy Chocolate Icing. Today, I use what's called Candy Melts which is known as confectionery coating. It's made of sugar, milk solids, vegetable oils, flavorings and colors. It also contains cocoa powder. The flavor is as rich as cashmere!

Daood: Fast forwarding to the present, whence forth came the idea of teaching a course at Pasadena City College?

Ms. Williams: The idea stemmed from my sixteen-year-old, daughter Amani. I made samples of my candy for her and her friends at school. Some the of the football players loved my candy and asked if I could give them private lessons. That's when I had the idea of contacting Pasadena City College with a proposal.

Daood: For more information regarding the course who should people get in contact with?

Ms. Williams: People can log on to, they can contact Jill Williams.

Daood: Well thank you for taking your time out of your busy schedule to be with us here at

Ms. Williams: It was my pleasure.

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