Tuesday, March 13, 2007

All Things Green and Happy

According to the "source" called Wikipedia, it's traditional for those observing Lent to break it for the duration of St. Patrick's Day whenever March 17th falls on a Friday. Darn, it falls on a Saturday this year... dohhh. So close.

Either way, you can still celebrate St. Patrick's Day this coming Friday, yay! If you're in the Downtown LA area, check out the St. Patrick's Day Parade and Concert at Pershing Square. The parade starts at 11:30am at Main and Arcadia and ends at, well... Pershing Square. At 12:30pm, you can see a free concert featuring the DUBLIN 4. If anything, it'll be a great way to take a break after being holed up in your office for however many hours.

Humans need sunshine, after all. Really.

For more ideas on how to get your fill of Vitamin D and Irish celebrations this coming weekend, check out our March 1st newsletter.

-Sarah Koo, ExperienceLA Arts/Cultural Marketing Intern

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