Friday, August 11, 2006


The idea for an ExperienceLA blog dates back about one year, and I am excited that it is now beginning to slowly evolve. My vision is to have a group of 6-10 diverse people from around Los Angeles contributing to this blog. The ExperienceLA blog is to provide an opportunity for those participating in the blog to personally relate their interaction with the wide ranging arts and entertainment culture of greater Los Angeles, including dining experiences.

In 1998, I created the idea to use the Internet to promote cultural tourism and public transit in Los Angeles. However, it took several years to successfully compete for public funding to launch the project, as the idea was considered quite novel at that time. was launched in July 2003 on the same weekend that the Gold Line began service to Pasadena. Two years later, ExperienceLA helped give birth to ExperienceLA WiFi Pershing Square, and more recently was invited to provide a similar service at the Marvin Braude Constituent Center, as ExperienceLA WiFi Van Nuys.

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